Web Design

If you want to offer your customers an engaging and easy to navigate website, then a custom web design is exactly what your business needs! We specialise in creating responsive website designs in Melbourne, so your clients can enjoy a professional and attractive website and you can take advantage of extended visits to your site! We design unique websites to help your brand develop an easily recognisable identity – there are no templates here!

Attracitve Online Presence

Appealing Design

At Zeemo, we ensure each and every aspect of your web design is in-line with your branding guidelines, creating a cohesive and engaging presence that your customers will enjoy experiencing.

Efficient Graphics

With an experienced photographer and graphic designers on board we can capture and create effective graphics and imagery that quickly conveys to your audience information about your brand, products and services.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Responsive design refers to a website that functions effectively on a mobile as well as it does on a desktop – and is critical in today’s society. Not only are customers turned away by unresponsive sites, the major search engines will also penalise businesses that don’t take smartphones and tablets into consideration. Avoid losing business by using the best web design in Melbourne.

Creating Websites that Engage Customers

The key benefit of responsive designs is of course, how it helps your business to engage with your customers. Through unique web design in Melbourne, we craft sites that are specifically designed to capture and hold your potential client’s attention – long enough for them to follow your calls-to-action and become customers!

Our Web Design Approach

Our approach is incredibly simple yet incredibly effective – we work closely with you to develop a unique design that meets your needs, both now and into the future! We ensure your custom web design is a reflection of your brand identity; if you don’t currently have an effective and distinct presence, we work with you to develop this too!



Why should I hire a web designer?

Put simply, you wouldn’t get let a stranger from off the street plan your advertising campaign, so why should your web design be any different? With skill and experience, we can create a responsive website design that stands out from the crowd – for all the right reasons.

Do I really need a website?

Yes! An online presence can be the difference between success and failure, and many customers are looking toward your website as an indication of your professionalism and quality of services and products. Custom web design in Melbourne truly is a necessity.

Why is attractive design necessary?

Your web design is often the first impression customers have of your business, so it’s important that you take that opportunity to create a professional image for your business – no matter what the industry. An unattractive and unresponsive site can also cause potential customers to leave your website earlier than they may have otherwise.