The rise in popularity of smartphone and tablets is changing the way our potential customers use the internet, and it’s important that our web designs reflect this – only then can we provide our clients with an engaging online experience, regardless of how they are choosing to browse. Not only that, if your site isn’t formatted correctly for all devices, then your website may be penalised by popular search engines, and you may miss out on reaching your customers completely.

When it comes to responsive web design, navigation is considered one of the most important aspects of the website. After all, no one will stay on a website that they can’t navigate properly. We recommend focusing your efforts on:
Natural Font Resizing
This simple fix can make all the difference between a professional website and a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated in over a decade. As the browser gets smaller (from desktop to tablet to phone screen), the size of the links should decrease as well. This ensures they don’t appear squished together and is a great technique if you only have 5 to 8 links in your menu.
On Screen Toggle
Whilst some users may find toggles annoying, it’s an excellent way to control navigation – especially if your website features a long list of options. Users are able to simply click on the ‘menu’ button, and a list of pages they can jump to will drop down. Consider using a menu that remains fixed on screen whilst the user scrolls for maximum functionality.
Vertically Elongated Menu
Whilst the traditional menu on a desktop spans across the width of the screen, the menu for a tablet should be vertically elongated, due to the smaller screen size. This can be one of the cleanest web design techniques, as it can greatly improve access and ‘tapability’.
Hamburger Menu
Also known as the hidden toggle, this is one of the most popular trends in responsive web design. The user will see two or three horizontal lines in a top corner, which can be clicked on to open the menu – often to full screen capacity. This is great for space saving without compromising on the appearance.

It’s important to continuously ask yourself if your website is responsive, especially as technology continues to change and evolve. Our experienced team can ensure your web design is responsive and up-to-date, which can go a long way toward ensuring website visibility and engagement levels for visitors to your website. If you’re looking for an attractive and functional website – no matter what screen size it’s seen through – contact Zeemo today on 1300 881 594.

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